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Google Offers Beta in Five More Cities: Austin, Boston, D.C., Denver and Seattle



Punch list prior to blogging

Get excited: Once you know you are going to pull the trigger on making a blog start creating some excitement. Wether you do it on your facebook page, twitter or email newsletter start getting people pumped for the blog.

Nerd out: That’s right nerd out, study other blogs, read your favs and get a feel for the kind of info you dig reading. Comment on blogs and even bookmark some for your blog role later on.

Get organized before hand: You want to know what kind of traffic is coming your way and with places like WordPress a lot of the metrics are included in the blog which is great but in the event you don’t us WordPress set up your blog with Google Analytics.

This is not a comprehensive list but it is a pretty good checklist for vitals you need to put in place to make your blog a success!

Why blog?

A blog allows  problem free and speedy interactive social media marketing. Now we know your website is the heart of your business and that is where we want the road to lead but staying active and keeping a human feel to your marketing agenda is where a blog comes into play (not to mention a whole lot faster!). Updating regularly with informative or value based info is the name of the game. Keep it simple and shoot for at least a post per week. Doing so will win over new clients and is much less intrusive to your existing fans than other methods but requires your attention, don’t forget that, and the path to your business will always shine bright .

Facebook FBML Article by WS&B

FBML is a quick way to refer to the “Facebook Markup Language”. Basically FBML is Facebook’s controlled version of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). FBML is a very power and useful tool for those who use Facebook as a way to showcase themselves (Facebook fan page), their service, their product, or their company. FBML allows Facebook users to create and add custom tabs and other custom features to their Facebook page. This includes text, tables, hyperlinks, images, videos, music, Java Script (using FBJS) etc. There is not much you cannot do with FBML if you have the knowledge to maximize the tools available… Official Web Solutions and Beyond FBML Article

Maximizing Craigslist Article by WS&B

When starting a new business it is critical to maximize the capital (cash) that is available. Because of that, most new business owners try to get some positive results by reaching for the lowest hanging fruit first. We are referring to social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Ebay, and Craigslist. The big benefits of these sites are that they are free and they give your company and / or product visibility to potential customers.

In the article below we will giving pointers on how to maximize a Craigslist post.

“How to Maximize Craigslist”

Did you know WS&B could do that?

We often get requests for many different services not handled by our competitors. So why do we do it?

We want all of the solutions for you to conduct business easy to access! That’s why! So regardless if you need a realtor sign or a website we can help.

Have no Fear of Fear…

“Fear is the mortal enemy of creativity, innovation and happiness.” – Alex Bogusky. “Don’t let the fear of making a mistake or trying something outside of your comfort zone keep you from success and innovation.” – WS&B